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For Product/Service Business Owners -

Looking To Close More Deals, Bigger Deals And Spike Profits?

How To Land High-Ticket Sales & Close Bigger, Better Deals (6 Figures & Beyond)

At The Upcoming 'Rockstar Closer' FREE  5-Day Sales Challenge!

The Next Online 'Rockstar Closer' Challenge Starts On 1 to 5 February 2021...

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In This FREE 5-Days Training,

You’ll Discover How To Master Closing -This Make-Or-Break Moment In Sales

You’ll learn how to:

  • Effortlessly guide your clients through a no-pressure, non-salesy process, so you easily close the sale and make more money for your business
  • Make your clients feel happy and excited to work with you AFTER you close — quickly diminishing “buyer’s remorse” and actually increase your referral line
  • ​Powerful positioning techniques to highlight your business value during the sales process - giving you the ability to raise your rates and close bigger deals!
  • Leverage the psychology of decision making and language patterns of influence - so that you can be comfortable asking for what you want, and getting it!
  • For Product-Based Business Owners: How to sell out high-end products by making them seem like a total steal - and have customers coming back for more
  • ​For Service-Based Business Owners: Discover 7-figure sales secrets to score deals confidently- for high-paying clients, contracts, partnerships - and earning more money with each close!


Date: 1 to 5 February 2021

Time: 1PM to 3PM(GMT+8) Daily

Registrations End 31 January 9PM

How Will The 5-Day Challenge Help You Close More Deals (And Better) Deals?

It’s not easy to crack the code for closing, unless you’ve spent years in the industry…

You'll spend 5 days alongside award-winning business coach Kane Minkus - learning the insights and techniques which have helped generate over $300 million in sales across multiple industries.

And you’re going to be executing it LIVE.

Here’s what you can expect after the 5-Day Training:

Does this sound familiar?

 You've invested time, effort & resources for a sales opportunity - only to have the deal fall through at the end

 You’ve got a great service, great product and a great pitch to boot - but you simply don’t know how to get the close down!

 You want bigger and better deals - but you have NO idea how to ask for it without sounding pushy

By the end of the 5-Day Challenge...

 You’ll be able to crush it in any 1:1 sales interaction - by using the exact sequences, techniques & systems top closers are using

 You’ll be able to comfortably walk into any meeting with the confidence to land the best deal - at the highest price point

 You'll have all you need to clear that final hurdle - whether it’s for high ticket sales, celebrity deals, media deals, B2B/B2C deals!

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs, You’ll Be Learning Specific Closing Strategies Suited For...


Cars, electronics, furniture, jewelry - you could be selling just about anything. Discover how to package your products as “premium” and give your customers the final nudge. You’ll be able to markup your products without turning customers away. 


Whether you’re selling consulting services, coaching programs, web design packages or financial services - you’ll learn how to turn simple interactions and 20-minute consultations into high-ticket closes. You’ll know exactly how to put your business in a powerful position and get most deals down. 


Establish a powerful presence that people gravitate towards - and have potential partners, retailers and distributors chasing you for big partnership deals. Plus, learn how to tilt 6-8 figures business agreements to your favour and seal the deal.


Learn how you can make the most out of celebrity-style media appearances, push your customers’ buttons and drive massive sales. Kane Minkus has personally worked with top celebrities and industry thought leaders such as Sir Richard Branson, Les Brown & Randi Zuckerberg - and he’s going to show you how. 

What Is The

'Rockstar Closer' 5-Day Challenge

And How Would This LIVE Training Work?


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From 1 to 5 February 2021, join Kane & Alessia where they’ll conduct daily LIVE training directly via Zoom and you’re going to be executing alongside them!


Complete the challenge and have expert-backed closing strategies in your arsenal - and be able to close higher amounts, better deals and bigger deals!



The 3 Myths Of Sales

After closing over $300 million in sales in the last 20 years, Kane & Alessia Minkus will be sharing the 3 biggest myths of sales that tend to “trap” entrepreneurs, leaders and CEOs and hurt their business - and they probably aren’t even aware. Discover how you can avoid these costly mistakes and set yourself up for success! 


The 5 Emotions Of Making A Buying Decision

Customers make purchase decisions at the gut level. You’ll learn about the emotional stages customers go through before making choices. Discover how to incorporate emotions - the main drivers of sales - into your sales strategy and use it to your advantage!


The Structure Of A Meeting For Top Closers

Just because you can sell, doesn’t mean that you can close. Discover winning sequences, techniques and systems that world-class closers are using to close deals, contracts and clients - and achieve massive influence, income and impact!


Why People Don’t Buy

Why aren’t people buying - even after a lengthy evaluation process? Do they simply require a little nudge, or are simply “tire kickers” who never intended to buy? Do they even understand the value of your offering? Diagnose the problem first, then implement the fixes. It’s time to up your closing game - and see if it starts to increase your numbers!


The Psychology Of Top Closers

We’ll dive deep into the science and psychology of top closers - whether it’s client closing or deal closing. A lot of things can happen during a close, but top closers make it predictably easy. We’re going to double down on closing - how to get it to cross the line and actually turning it into revenue - despite difficult objections, last-minute changes and competitive bids! 


How To Master The Art Of Negotiation

For a limited time only, you’ll gain access to this exclusive bonus lesson that reveals how you can create win-win situations and tip the scale to your direction - so that you can consistently seal profitable partnerships or deals for your business. 

Here you’ll learn the secrets of negotiation including bargaining skills and tactics for building trust while negotiating...
  • And at the end of the day - you’ll be able to get the most money off the table while still leaving the other party feeling powerful and happy!
  • Typically, Kane & Alessia only share this strategy with clients paying $100/year for personal mentorship.
  • ​And it’s secrets like these which have helped many transform into 6-8 figures business owners, industry leaders and highly sought-after experts within just 3 years.
  • You can have it for FREE if you register for The Rockstar Closer Challenge!

Meet The World-Class Trainers

That Iconic Companies Trust To Grow Their Brands To A Global Scale




Presentations Delivered


Professionals Mentored


Awards For Business Practices


Media Channels Featured


Companies Operated



Founders of “Industry Rockstar”, Award-Winning Presenters, & Trusted Advisors To Fortune 500 Companies

Kane & Alessia have been featured worldwide in 330 different media channels, given presentations in 32 countries, and in front of 500,000+ people, helping countless business owners and entrepreneurs scale their companies with their Industry Rockstar System.

They are exceptional closers who have generated over $300M over the 20 years across businesses in multiple industries.

They’ve been invited to work with several of the greatest thought leaders of our time, including Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Tim Ferris, and Vishen Lakhiani.

Kane & Alessia have been featured worldwide in 330 different media channels, given presentations in 32 countries, and in front of 500,000+ people, helping countless business owners and entrepreneurs scale their companies with their Industry Rockstar System.

They’ve been invited to work with several of the greatest thought leaders of our time, including Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Tim Ferris, and Vishen Lakhiani.

To Date, Kane & Alessia Minkus Have:

Worked On Multiple Projects By Some Of The World's Biggest Household Brands

And Helped Build Up The Personal Brands Of Globally Recognised Celebrities!

Hear How Business Owners All Over The World Are Growing With Kane & Alessia’s Mentorship! 

“Hadn’t reached the financial fulfillment [we desired]... we were just earning €39,000 a year and [with Kane & Alessia’s help] we earned €1,500,000 in 3 years!”

Mahima Klinge & Kai Klinge,
Founders Of The  Mahima Mindset

“Within the last 2 years of us working together, we’ve created 9 businesses - and all of those businesses are 5, 6 and 7 figures”

Taro Nabetani & Richard Van Ommen,
Founders Of The Katana Group

“Taught me the modern way to do business - the practical stuff that Kane & Alessia have given… the whole thing is just perfect”

Tareq Jaber,
Trading Manager At Biotesk

“I’ve been looking to expand my yoga-meditation studio and it’s been less than a year and we’re almost double our revenue"

Johnson Chong,
Self-Mastery Guide

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